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Fire Supression Courses
From Florida Firefighter Standards minimum standards qualifications, through higher level management and tactical classes, this category contains all classes related to mitigating fire emergencies.
 Aerial Operations (Fire Equipment Operator)
 Apparatus Operations (Fire Equipment Operator)
 Awareness Operations Level Emergency Services (Fire Equipment Operator)
 Basic Shipboard Firefighting (Shipboard Firefighting)
 Basic Survival Tactics for Fire and EMS Personnel (Firefighter Survival)
 CAN Confidence - HOT Class (Fire Strategies)
 Emergency Vehicle Operator Course (EVOC) (Fire Equipment Operator)
 Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (E.V.O.C.) (Fire Equipment Operator)
 Farm-Medic (Farm Medic)
 FF I Theory & Knowledge Online (Firefighter I & II)
 FF II (Firefighter I & II)
 Fire Fighter I & II (Firefighter I & II)
 Fire Service Hydraulics (Fire Equipment Operator)
 Firefighter Accreditation (Pro Board) (Firefighter I & II)
 Firefighter Retention Refresher (Firefighter I & II)
 Firefighter Skills Refresher (Skills Refresher)
 Firefighting Accreditation Boards Crossover (Firefighter I & II)
 FLUSAR Technician Level Rope Rescue (Fire Equipment Operator)
 FO VEST (Fire Officer Courses)
 Forestry (Firefighter I & II)
 Honor Guard Awareness (Honor Guard)
 Honor Guard Team Building (Honor Guard)
 LIVE FIRE TRAINING INSTRUCTOR - (Day 1 ONLY) (Live Fire Instructor)
 Live Fire Training Instructor Refresher (Live Fire Instructor)
 Out of State Firefighters & DOD FF Equivalency (Firefighter I & II)
 Smoke Divers Stress Inoculation (Fire Strategies)
 Smoke Divers Stress Inoculation (Firefighter Survival)
 Urban to Suburban Fire Strategies (Fire Strategies)
Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Courses
From natural disasters to man made emergencies, these courses cover the skills and knowledge required to participate in the life saving task required.
 Farm-Medic (Misc. USAR Related)
 FEMA Equivalent Heavy Rigging Specialist (Misc. USAR Related)
 FEMA Equivalent Logistics Specialist Training (Misc. USAR Related)
 FEMA Equivalent Medical Team Training (Misc. USAR Related)
 FEMA Equivalent Safety Officer (Misc. USAR Related)
 FEMA Equivalent Task Force Leader (Misc. USAR Related)
 FLUSAR Confined Space Rescue Technician (USAR Confined Space)
 FLUSAR Operations Level Rope Rescue (USAR Rope Rescue)
 FLUSAR Operations Level Structural Collapse (USAR Structural Collapse)
 FLUSAR Operations Level Vehicle & Machinery (USAR Vehicle/Machinery)
 FLUSAR Ops/Tech Trench Rescue (USAR Rope Rescue)
 FLUSAR Ops/Tech Trench Rescue (USAR Trench)
 FLUSAR Ops/Tech Confined Space (USAR Confined Space)
 FLUSAR Technician Level for Structural Collapse (USAR Structural Collapse)
 FLUSAR Technician Level for Vehicle & Machinery (USAR Vehicle/Machinery)
 FLUSAR Technician Level Rope Rescue (Misc. USAR Related)
 FLUSAR Technician Level Rope Rescue (USAR Rope Rescue)
 FLUSAR Trench Rescue Technician (USAR Trench)
 Light Technical Rescue Team T-T-T (Misc. USAR Related)
 Swift Water Technician (Misc. USAR Related)
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Courses
Taking corrective measures to salvage life and limb from true medical emergencies begins with these courses designed to qualify students at the many levels of Florida emergency medical services.
 Advanced Airway Management (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
 EMT Certification (EMT)
 EMT Exam Prep (EMT)
 Florida EMT Exam Prep (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
 Florida EMT Exam Prep (EMT)
 Tactical Medic (Tactical Medic)
 Technical Rescue Refresher (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
From time to time, the Florida State Fire College will host an event that doesn't fit into a class category. Conferences, Speaking Engagements, and retirement activities are just a few of the things you may find under Events.
 Firefighter I & II Graduation (Graduations)
 Firefighter I/II Orientation (FF Orientation)
Hazardous Materials
Courses for controlling and mitigation of Hazardous Materials Emergencies.
 Chlorine Emergencies (Hazardous Materials Technician)
 Clandestine Drug Lab Investigation (Hazardous Materials Technician)
 Hazardous Materials Technician (Hazardous Materials Technician)
 HazMat Technician Level (Hazardous Materials Technician)
 Operations Level Haz-Mat (Hazardous Materials Technician)
Law Enforcement
Sometimes the line between Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement cross. In this category you will find various courses for the advancement of those skills.
 3 Gun (Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle) (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Active Shooter Train the Trainer (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Basic Booby Trap and IED Recognition (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Basic Land Navigation (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Basic Surveillance Techniques for Investigators (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Clandestine Drug Lab Investigation (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Combat Shotgun (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Confined Spaces for Bomb Technicians (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
 Patrol Rifle Instructor (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Surviving the Traffic Stop (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
 Tactical Rescue for Law Enforcement Officers (Tactical & Specialty Courses)
Class Cancellation Policy
If you need to cancel a class for any reason you must use the Contact Us at the top of the page and put your request in writing. No other method of cancellation is acceptable. If you cancel within five days of the scheduled class date, you will be charged a $50 processing fee. If cancelled after the start of class, NO refund will be issued.
 Chlorine Emergencies (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
 EMT Exam Prep (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
 Firefighter Accreditation (Pro Board) (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)
 Firefighter Retention Refresher (Anti-Terrorism/EOD/WMD)